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Veterinarian with Dog

Wellness Exams

Annual exams for your pet include an overall examination of your pet's health. In this examination we will listen to your pet's heart and lungs and check their teeth, ears, muscles, and joints. We will also administer vaccinations and perform laboratory tests to check for any underlying diseases. 


Dental disease can not only be bothersome to your pet but can also cause pain, further disease, and other health problems. Regular dental procedures are the best way to eliminate that. Dentistry is performed under general anesthesia and involves cleaning the plaque and tartar off of your pet's teeth. The overall health of the mouth is examined by the veterinarian during this procedure as well. Blood work will be performed before, and every patient is monitored by the veterinarian and veterinary technician for the entire procedure. 

Yawning Cat
Cute Dog
Cute Dog


Our veterinarians perform many surgeries including neuters, spays, mass removal, and laceration repair. Additional surgical procedures are performed routinely as well. Every surgery is performed by a veterinarian and at least one veterinary technician. Before surgery, your pet will be examined and laboratory blood work will be performed to ensure your pet's safety under anesthesia. Your pet will receive an IV catheter for fluids during surgery and will have their vitals monitored the entire time until they wake up. 

Health Certificates

Traveling with your pet shouldn’t be difficult! Follow the steps below to ensure your pet meets the requirements for all forms of travel.

Step 1: Go to to learn about the requirements for traveling with your pet. A worksheet for helpful info before your pet’s visit can be found on this page.


Step 2: Go to APHIS Pet Travel and select your form of travel and destination to learn about the specific requirements for your pet’s travel based on your destination.


Step 3: Schedule an appointment where we will submit the necessary paperwork for obtaining your pet’s health certificate.


Step 4: Fill out the Pet Owner Worksheet form and bring with you to your appointment.

Grey Kitten


All walk-ins and call-ins are accepted during normal business hours from 8am-5:30pm. If your pet has an emergency after hours you should call Nashville Veterinary Specialists at 615-386-0107 or Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic at 615-383-2600.


We use digital radiography (x-rays) and ultrasound imaging for diagnostics. 


A microchip is a small chip placed under the skin of your pet and is the most reliable form of pet identification if your pet goes missing. Once we microchip your pet they are registered. If they were to go missing they can be scanned, and your name and phone number will be on file for them. 

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet



Whether you need someone to watch your pet for the day or while you're away on vacation we can handle it. We provide food and water, time spent outside in our fenced in yard throughout the day, and will administer any medications your pet may need. Dogs and cats are kept in separate rooms to provide an ideal stay for your pet.


Nail trims, anal gland expression, and ear flushing are all provided. We do not provide professional hair grooming services, but we do provide shaving and trims for medical reasons.  

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